Sunday, January 14th, 2018

To live consciously, we must know what we want, set goals to achieve those desires, create a plan to get there, and identify deadlines for our achievements. Goal setting is a powerful tool to help us hone in on our true desires and keep our mind focused on what we want.

Bonding is simply a sort of insurance taken by the business owner in the event that a crime is committed by an employee of the courier service.

What courier insurance will do is prevent you from being held personally liable if the materials you are carrying and delivering are damaged or stolen during transit. They won’t protect the vehicle or the individual, they will only protect the value of the materials being delivered.

When you open and errand running/concierge business, you will be helping to take some jobs off the hands of very busy people. This can be as simple as making dinner reservations, shopping, or picking up dry cleaning, or it can involve planning office parties and other events so that the person you work for can focus on their job or their family.