Tuesday, May 22nd, 2018

What is an Errand Running/Concierge Service Business?


An errand running or concierge service business can be a great startup business with little required investment capital for people who already own cars, computers, and cell phones.  The business is a lucrative one for people who are able to manage time wisely and who are capable of multitasking.

For those who are not familiar with the definitions of these services, however, a better definition is in order.  So what exactly is an errand running or concierge business and what does the job entail?

Simply put, when you open and errand running/concierge business, you will be helping to take some jobs off the hands of very busy people.  This can be as simple as making dinner reservations, shopping, or picking up dry cleaning, or it can involve planning office parties and other events so that the person you work for can focus on their job or their family.

There is no clear set of possible tasks for a concierge or errand running specialist, and every day is different.  Your job is simply to complete tasks that are easy to perform but that occupy too much time for the person hiring you to do them.

Whenever you start a business in this field, you will find that there are many different potential tasks to do.  You could find yourself booking a client’s vacation to Taiwan today and helping to set up a new computer tomorrow.  The tasks are never the same from one day to the next, but this helps to keep the job fresh and exciting.

The concierge and errand running service is a growing industry as demands on people’s time grow stronger, and you will certainly find that there are many people in need of such services.  Our lives are busier than ever before, and as a concierge you can help take the burden off of someone else while earning an excellent wage of your own.