Friday, October 8th, 2021

Couriers Profit Part Time


There are few businesses that can generate significant cashflow with only a few hours per day. Luckily, courier services are one of the few.

Full-Time Income, Part-Time Hours

There are few businesses that can generate significant cashflow with only a few hours per day. Luckily, courier services are one of the few.

In talking to many of our fellow couriers over the past month, we came to learn that quite a few of them work their courier businesses part time.

While the advantages of running your business full time cannot be overstated, we thought we’d share some of the benefits that our part-time colleagues love.

More Free Time

We were delighted to discover that many of our part-time brethren explore dozens of interesting hobbies and other business opportunities. Some simply love the ability to spend more time with their families.

Being a courier allows them to work for just a few hours per day and devote the rest of their time to their passions, be that hobbies, family, or other work.

Worthwhile Income

It’s hard to find a business where you can work three to four hours per day and still pull in several thousand dollars per month. It’s not that everyone will achieve that much income, but especially in this economy, work that pays double or triple of minimum wage can’t be overlooked.

Routine and Structure

For many of our fellow couriers, this is a biggie. Having a regular, part-time business provides an excellent anchor around which to plan your day. Some even find that they are more productive in the hours that they are not working their business, just because they had a routine (and an excuse to put on their professional face for the day).

If you want to start a business, need more free time, want to generate income efficiently, or simply want a reason to get dressed for the day, starting a courier business may be just your solution. And experiences shows, all you need is a few hours per day.

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  • Arun shahane

    i working with in

  • courier king

    can anyone tell me if I hire independent contractors, at what point do I need a surety bond and how much should that bond be?

    • dujuan47

      Message me at and I can help go into some best partices.

  • misty

    I;m thinking of starting a courier service ,was wandering how do you get clients and do they pay you for your services when you pick the package up or do most of them mail checks out. How do you know what to charge do they rate by the package or miles,,,,,,,, thanks misty

  • John Free

    We live in small town…approx. 10,000 with 2 other towns about 15 miles away with pop of 25,000
    wondering if this is enough to be feasible for a courier business. Not a lot of professional business (mostly blue collar). I know there is no magical figure, but interested in your feedback.


    • John,

      It’s possible. The key will be finding the right clients. With local populations of that size, you’ll want to focus on finding the highest-value deliveries that you can because you may have fewer total deliveries available to you, and they may be more spread out.

      Check with your local veterinarians and pharmacies first. Typically they are two businesses that have relatively high-value deliveries (medicines, etc.) that are time sensitive and need to be distributed to a local radius.

      The good news is, in a smaller community, it may be much easier for you to network and find clients. You may already know your first clients without even realizing it.

      Best regards,

  • Tom Fenade

    Hello there,
    I would like to start a courier service in Texas. Any lead you could provide will be greatly appreciated.

  • mary joyce

    what licence required / what to charge miles or plus pounds

  • mary joyce

    what to charge

  • Ileta E Tucker

    Well I’m interested in starting my own courier business now that I have work for 7 years for a delivery company cause of paid , knowning some of the business side, and I’m outgoing people
    person work with the public for years,beside its time I work for my furthur and financial piece of mind.

  • Efrem

    Hi! Sam

    I recently started working for a local courier services using my pickup and small car, my expenses is more than my commission, I am looking for a company that I can make health commissions.
    Need more good deliveries that will keep me very busy.

    Is there any companies that I can do freelance courier jobs that I can get from their web-site?

    My current daily average expenses is $82.00, I would like to net daily $250.00 minimum, is that possible as a small sub-contractor courier?(Non-Owner)

    Thanks A Lot

  • James Blackwell

    I am presently working with FedEx ground for someone who is a contractor but the money is very little compared to the type of work I am doing. I am average about 12 hours a day for about $332.00 a week but the work is 3 times as hard so I would like to take the experience that I am gaining from FedEx Ground and start my own courier service delivering small parcels. It this possible?


    • James,

      Many of our members start out working in the delivery field one way or another. The experience is helpful in understanding both the nature of the work and how to get the job done.

      However, the skills and knowledge required to provide courier services differ from the skills and knowledge required to run a business that provides courier services.

      Best regards,

  • Reggie

    Is the courier service business the same as running a full fledge trucking company?
    Or is there some sort of distinction between them? I have a CDL-A license and I want to
    start a transport company, but, I’m not sure what kind. Big trucks, straight trucks, cargo vans, or just cars. What are the pros and cons of going with one or the other?
    Please advise asap, and thanks in advance.

    • Reggie,

      The short answer is “no.” A courier service will focus more on local deliveries of parcels and documents, rather than freight. Typically this is same-day service or on-the-fly.

      There can certainly be some overlap, but generally courier services are dealing with non-freight goods that need quick or specialized delivery.

      Does this help?

      Best regards,

      • Ralph

        was wondering if theres an app to make it easy to start, kind of like the uber /lyft apps?

    • Ashona

      I might b a little too late to comment on ur request I think it would b a good idea for u to contact ur self out to different company ‘s ull make good really good money and ur in control ….

  • I am glad to see this cause all my life i have been wanting to start a courier company but i didnt know how. I also need some help on how to price and also the form for the contract also marketing.

    thanking in advance



  • Roosevelt Hollis

    Hi Guys, well its been about three weeks since purchasing my kit. So for, I have been around to about 20 businesses, leaving survey forms with them and i have went back to check on about half. So for, no one has wanted the services of a courier but, I still hopeful the other half i should come up with one yes. plus, i have already checked with another courier in the area about sub-contracting withe his business he told me he should be calling me soon he only hires sub-contractors and i am just looking to get started somewhere.

  • Rafael Lopez

    Hello!-I am interested in learning the trade of courier services. I am going to apply for a position as a courier so I can have a grasp of how is it. Then I want to get one client, then two and so on until I get enough to be handle by me on the road and my wife on the phone and the paper work. I have a reliable car and a positive attitude. All I need is knowledge on how to find clients and how to prepare forms and small contracts. I am not going to deliver chemicals but letters and small packages. I am 63 yo strong and healthy individual. I want to make enough with 30 hours a week but I can work longer hours if it is necessary. At the beginning I will travel short didtances (70 miles round trip) for a while until I raise a good capital. I am retired with Social Security and a small pension plus my wife is also retired with Social Security. Some times I work if this company calls me to cover and if I agree.

    Thank you in advance for your help.

    rafael Lopez

    • Rafael,

      Sounds like you have a plan, which is the only way to start. Your perseverance and creativity will see you through.

      Best of luck,