Friday, October 22nd, 2021

Tips for Improving Fuel Economy


Save big bucks by increasing fuel economy

One of the easiest ways to maintain the bottom line is to decrease your expenses.  As a courier or delivery service owner or driver, one of your biggest expenses is fuel costs. There are several simple behaviors and maintainance tips that can help you drive more efficiently, safely and add dollars to your bottom line, starting today!

  • keep tires properly inflated
  • use cruise control
  • use GPS to plan efficient routes and avoid getting lost
  • get regular tune-ups
  • avoid aggressive driving ie. excessive acceleration, speeding to stoplight and then slamming on brakes, etc.
  • drive the speed limit- better yet drive slightly slower than the speed limit on the highway and save big!
  • don’t get in a hurry:  drive calmly, you will save money and maybe even prevent an accident!
  • combine multiple deliveries whenever possible
  • avoid excessive idling
  • remove roof racks when not needed
  • use the AC instead of opening windows-this sounds counter-intuitive but an open window reduces aerodynamic efficiency
  • if buying a new vehicle, choose the most fuel efficient vehicle that suits your needs and budget
  • remove excess weight from vehicle
  • use the recommended grade of motor oil
  • be attentive so you don’t make mistakes:  if you have to return to a delivery location because of a mistake,  you’re just wasting money
  • wash your car. This will not only give you a professional appearance but will make your car more aerodynamic as well.