Tuesday, November 30th, 2021

Businesses Commonly Employing Couriers


If you have decided to start a courier service, but friends and family are discouraging you because they don’t believe that there will be enough business in the region, you could remind them that there are many more businesses using such services apart from standard corporate sites.

For example, a short list of the businesses most frequently employing courier services would include:

  • Medical labs and pharmacies;
  • Banks and financial companies;
  • Legal offices and practices;
  • Real estate companies and all associated businesses including appraisers and title companies;
  • Medical facilities, hospitals, and doctor’s offices;
  • Accountants, tax professionals, and bookkeepers;
  • Newspapers and magazine offices as well as publishers; and
  • Home based professionals who do everything from data entry to artwork.

The list of businesses that rely on the speedy services of a courier could easily go on and on. You don’t have to live in a big city or even a crowded urban area to do well as a courier. In fact, someone with the initiative to begin the service might actually get a corner on the market.

Consider that a courier service requires only a reliable form of transportation, a means of constant communication such as a cell phone, a bit of computer equipment to print invoices and manage clients, and specialized equipment like a GPS unit.

This means that someone living and working in a somewhat rural area could still begin shuttling packages and documents around the region without a lot of difficulty. It would simply require an organized plan for marketing the services, and then following through on the deliveries.

It does help to take a look at all of the businesses in any given area and determine just how many of them could and would benefit from access to local courier services. Developing a marketing plan around their needs is one way to be sure of attracting their attention and getting some good results.

  • Au Couriers

    As a tip do a local area survey get out there and ask lots ( and I mean Lots ) of business about who they use , why they use them and the challenges they have faced with their couriers.