Sunday, November 21st, 2021

What You Need When Starting Out


With just a few essentials, you can start your own courier and delivery business in no time.

When starting a courier service, concierge service, or other delivery service, there are certainly a few things that you will have to have in order to get off to a good and profitable start.

Some of these things are physical, but many are intangible.  All are crucial.  Without further ado, it is time to take a look at the things that you absolutely must have to get your business started.

When it comes to tangible goods, there are a few obvious things that you will need.  A car is the key element of a delivery service, and is certainly a necessity.

If you will be delivering large parcels or items, a truck may be a good choice for you.  When starting, though, you will easily be able to work with what you have by accepting jobs that fit these parameters.

Pay careful attention to your insurance, however, as you will need to ensure that your policy covers business use of your vehicle.  You will also want to ensure that you have the money needed to cover gas for your first few weeks of work until your clients have paid their invoices.

With the vehicle covered, you will also need a few other basics, such as a cell phone, a clipboard, and a map or GPS system.  A GPS system, even if you use the one integrated into many cell phones, is an invaluable tool that can offer directions even while you drive, which saves you both time and overall money.

You will also need access to a computer and printer so that you can create invoices, tax records, and other important documents.  While owning your own computer is preferred, you can make do simply with access to a computer and printer when you are starting out.

In addition to these physical things, there are also some intangible items that are absolutely essential to any starting business.  You have to have the free time needed to do the job and to do it properly.  If you are planning to make great money without having enough time to do the job, it simply isn’t going to work.

You also need to have a positive and friendly attitude and approach.  You aren’t going to become a millionaire overnight, but with friendly, quality service you can build a client list quickly.  You will also need persistence and the ability to keep going until you reach the level of success you are seeking.

This is all that you need to start a great business.  While you may run into more needs as your business grows, this is what you really need to start.  Don’t go overboard with expenses until things are absolutely necessary and you have earned the cashflow to pay for them. If you keep expenses low, you can keep your business profitable.

  • Hi Bob,

    Its real a great article. One more thing you need to take before starting your courier delivery service, Do not forgot to have a courier delivery management software for courier tracking and dispatch automation.

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  • Abe Wilcox

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  • Diana

    I need to put up a business proposal for motor bike courier service. I need help with that.

  • Tom

    The reality is, most businesses have finally switched over to PDFs and… emails. I mean, faxes must’ve even disrupted the courier industry in the 70s. At one point, sure this was a viable business. But how could there be such a need for physical documents anymore? Electronic filing has taken over the legal sector. Only the very old school stragglers are going to keep pushing paper, and they will die off. The only need for couriers these days is with special physical items that have to move daily, mail runs, or express same day deliveries. Everything else is handled cheaper by the big delivery companies.. because of scale.

  • what paper work do I need to start a courier business like delivery pick up etc

  • DES

    Im looking to start a courier business in my area Georgia….If anybody can answer a few questions leave your contact or mail. serious help needed

    • Vik

      Hi Des,

      Have you already started your courier business. If you need any help do get in touch with me on It will be my pleasure to help.

  • Brian

    I worked five (5) years for UPS-SCS, Do to a move to ND I was unable to use relocation. So I have tons of knowledge in shipping and receiving. I also did Towing and recovery work for AAA for quite some time which gives me an uncanny knowledge of the 5 state area. I want to start small, doing local type delivery Grand Forks, Fargo, devils lake all within the state. Would your model work for me? I would like to eventually expand to include four (4) additional drivers within the first year and a half.

    I have lots of ideas, that I believe would work into my plan and seeing how you have been doing this for so long I wanted to get more feedback.

    I am also able work with webpage development and social media marketing as I stay current on technology. Currently working on a BS in Computer Science, so I know abit about getting around the Information superhighway<—Remember when that was the big slogun, lol.

    • Vik

      Hi Brian,

      Have you already started your business. If you need any help do get in touch with me on It will be my pleasure to help.

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  • David Martinez

    Has anyone ever heard of a small long distance courier business being successful ?

    I REALLY would like to start a one vehicle courier business. I love to travel and see new things and would like to make money while doing it.

    Best regards.


    P.S I hope everyone has been successful on their dream of starting a courier business.

  • Chris

    Hi, I want to start a Delivery Services in my city, I have my DBA and EIN number and a 2009 truck, all I need is to start but where do I start to get Clients. please get me some good information Thaks.

    • Pascal Obinda

      Hi. All you need now is a good advertising platform, social platforms such as Facebook, WhatsApp groups can do you great… You can also make some business cards Which you can give away… Nb: Starting a business is sometimes hard and you can go days without a client but once the 1st one comes and you give him a great service, others will flow.

      • Danielle Sutton

        That was great advice thank you so much.

      • Tom

        It’s not that easy. Are you a marketing guy? Do you know Adwords, Facebook Ads, etc and can quantify what your ACTUAL ROI is going to be on those once you start burning through clicks? Are you going to manange multiple social accounts AND paid ad accounts on a constant basis? Make a professional website? Learn SEO to beat out all the others in your area? Are there established companies whose customers you’re looking to steal? Better get ready to do lots and lots of cold calling…

  • Nana Ama Sam

    Hello my name is Nana ama and am interested in starting a delivery service but my question is how to got customers to use my services. I want to deliver items that only need a motor bike for now till i can afford mini vans and tracks.

    • Mr. Addo Richard

      Hello Nana Ama. Have you started running the courier business yet? Please do contact me and let’s discuss a way out.
      will look forward to your reply. thank you

  • Linda

    Hello my name is Linda and I am looking to start my own courier and delivery service in the Pensacola area but I do not know what to charge

  • mike P

    I am in the planning stages of starting a courier business, I have a truck, a cargo van and basic start up knowledge. i need information on the best way to market and get customers in my area. i am in the Atlanta Mentro area and willing to travel through out the Georgia area


    • Mike, P call me or TX Ron,I’m a courier marketer 719-309-7724

  • Jerry Patton

    I have had experience 30 years with own Cab co and I would like to try thiout

  • sencee blamco

    I am trying to start a messenger or courier service. . But my fear is I don’t really sure the company that use these services in new jersey, Philadelphia, new york and ct..Please help me

    • Russell Tellefson


      Couriers are essential to most businesses. Your most important skill is being comfortable in dealing with people. No amount of education is as important as this talent. I’ve been on the road for 42 years and love it more now that I’m in my 60’s than I did in my 20’s. Please feel free to email me anytime. I love to teach. I’m fluent in Spanish and English and am studying other languages while I drive. Being in San Diego County, we have over 160 languages spoken here. It’s a fabulous opportunity for those of us willing to learn.

      Russell Tellefson

      • born

        I read your comment and feel confident that you are one who knows about the business. I am doing courier service now, but I trying to know how do you price the deliveries according to weight or distance. You can email me at anytime and if you have a number please send and I will call you and ask about the business, since I am seriously trying to open up a courier business.

      • virgo123

        im getting started how would you charge independent Pharmarcy for deliverys

      • David Martinez

        I would like to start a long distance small courier business. Such as items that would fit in a 5×10 open/enclosed trailer. Do you have any advise for me. I will be honest and say that I’m not very well educated, but I enjoy driving and would like to make some money while doing it. I don’t know if I would need a DOT # for a small long distance courier business.

        Please advise.

        Thank you.


      • Durenda

        Trying to start a medical courier business and seem to keep running into same problem. Not sure what to charge.
        We decided we would deliver other things too to cut down on down time.
        Got any ideas on what tracking to use and point of sale?
        Looked into a few monthly ones what do you use to organize everything?

    • jaeven

      Airport luggage delivery for missing bags.

  • Charles

    I am trying to start up my courier business and need some help. I am unsure of what companies use courier services every day in delivering mail, boxes, etc within their own company. For instance Houston to Dallas, or Houston to San Antonio and back. Same day service but on a daily basis. Can you advise?

    Thank you

    • Cedric West

      Did you ever get your company started? I’m in the Houston area and looking to do the same thing



  • jerry martin

    i wanna start up a parkour courier serves what should i do

  • spiro

    I am wanting to break into the courier business. I have ample secured storage space at home (enough for 24 pallets, plus a pallet jack and manual forklift) and a 1 tonne mitsubishi express van, an office set up from an existing electrical business which I also run from home.

    I am wondering if you would have a business model or any information I could use to get started.


    • Spiro,

      That sounds like quite a set up! I don’t think my wife would let me keep 24 pallets at home! 😉

      Your set up sounds slightly more a freight shipping/warehousing business than what we focus on at, which is more to do with local, same-day deliveries of parcels and documents. However, some of the fundamentals are the same.

      Will you be shipping primarily locally or across state lines?

      Best regards,

  • Joseph Wallace

    I want to start a courier delivery service local and need help getting clients. I and looking for jobs I have a truck and a 6 by 12 enclosed trailer to work with. I need help please.

    • Chuck

      Go for it

  • Brian Leng

    Thank you for your advice. I have requested your free report.

  • How would I get started with a hospital contact supplies or cadaver what do I need and what kind of insurance and how much what kind of license

  • Marvin

    Excellent advice on this website. Lot of good free info for a newbie like me (esp. in this positng: Thank you very much.

  • Amol

    Hi there, I am looking to start my own courier company in Toronto & really need some tips. I have a Cargo van & business license. Please advice on how to get started, thank you.

  • daniel

    I’m making $1500 per month after SE / FICA taxes in my courier job and I only work 30 hours a week plus I go to school… I’ll tell ya.. a fuel efficient car is the most important thing… being able to do your own maintenance saves you a lot too… the difference between $7 in gas per day and $15 per day is dramatic

    • Daniel,

      This is absolutely true. Fuel economy is THE factor when choosing a vehicle.

      Best of luck,

  • Erika R

    Hi, I would like to start my own business as an international shopper from US to Peru. I have been reading a lot and I think I have a plan. However, I can’t figure which is the proper way to send the parcels to Peru. DHL, serpost and others are very expensive and fail delivering the goods. To my potential business is it better to arrange directly with an airline? And have someone in Peru to do the final destination? What should I use to deliver the packages ?
    And thanks

    • Erika,

      Unfortunately that’s not really our forte. We’re focused primarily on local business-to-business services.

      Sorry I can’t be of more help.


  • bindresh joshi

    Hi sir, i want to start courier service in phagwara punjab, pls tell me wt do i need to do. i have my own shop in very prime location.

  • Tagera


    I am from Paro Bhutan, 52 kms away from capital city of Bhutan.
    I have been doing counterpart business with Aramex here in Paro, as i could not get good support and cooperation from my counterpart i could not run well the Aramex here in Bhutan. Again, Aramex sounds new to Bhutanese customers. DHL is dominant courier service in Bhutan.

    Please advice which International Courier service shall i go with about because Paro is the main Airport terminal town and also have location of many Hospitality Industries, i see very huge flow of tourist entry in this locality. If i can get good international service provider Courier Service i have full hope that we can do better courier business.

    Looking forward towards the positive suggestions and advice.

  • Ky

    I would like to know what do I need in order to start a messenger service in NYC. What type of license? What time of insurance? Does anyone have a contact? Does anyone know how much these costs are? Also, is there a website that provides all of this information?

    Thank you.


  • prince

    Am presently working for a courier service in Austria called Ups and iwant to set up my in my home conutry Nigeria or be a subcontract to Ups over there in Nigeria,i think i got the equipments for the bussiness, eg truks,please can someone give me more advice on how to go about it. thanks and your subjection will be highly apreciated.

  • Johnson

    This site is lovely, i just want you to help me,just in case there is something i missed, i want to start a courier service company and i got the necessary information from this site,please if there is anything i would need to know you can mail it to me please. as regarding what the cost would be and any other.thanks and God bless.

  • seifu

    I think I have the minimum basic requirement to start delivery services but I have not identify what kind delivery services because I do not have a single contact with those who need my services. How do I get lists of those business/individual who are potential contract givers?

  • Linda

    Hi, my husband was a courier for 3 years with one of those “big” companies. He and I a both teachers and need to make a little extra money. Since we work during the day, we are thinking about having an “evening” and “weekends” courier service. Do you think that there is a market for that?

  • kayode kolade

    Pls, I need ur advise on howv to partner with an existing courier service provider to help in their can I make the approach,and what are the term of agreement?

  • fauwaz

    am plannin to start a courier company in riyadh, Saudi arabia. can some one pls tell me what are the other requirements especially the paper work and how do i build up a local email :

  • Ifeoma

    I am considering starting as a subcontractor with any big courier company like DHL. What do I need to know about this and how do I go about it.

  • Dale McLaurin

    I would like to know how to start a courrier business. I have a regular F-150 truck and want to get started then later get bigger trucks. Please contact me as to what I am able to do!

    Thank you!

  • Renu Jaswal

    how we can start our own courier service. i want to gat courier agency. plz tell me about it. thanks. where i should try for courier agency.



  • patricia ken-osazuwa

    ajibola christopher, ow’re you doing. i intend to operate a courier business in Nigeria and ineed your expert advise since u have the experience in same terrain. kindly send me your contact details on i’l sincerely appreciate your response from a busy schedule. thanks

  • John

    I am a college student trying to start my own courier business. I kinda need help on the paper work and everything. So if anyone who currently runs their own courier company email me with the basics of what I need to do? Thank you very much appreciate the help. email:

  • Scott

    INSURANCE-I will be leaving the insurance industry to start a courier business to assist my wife’s business, but I thought I would pass these suggestions along: 1) Don’t rely on your personal car insurance policy to provide coverage, most don’t. Even if you have business use, delivery is rarely included. If your agent says it is, get it in writing. 2) I recommend going to a local independent insurance agent who represents a few companies, particulary ones that specialize in the transportation industry. They should also be able to help you with cargo insurance and bonding if needed. 3) Make sure they understand what you are doing specifically. Rates may differ if you have some type of time guarantee in your deliveries. Good luck!

  • James

    I am in the first stages of starting my own courier business. I have all the start up necessities and also just opened a business bank account. I also got a business certificate and business cards. My next steps are to talk to an accountant and do register with my local and state governments. My questions to you are:

    “What specific questions should I ask my accountant during our first meeting?”

    Also, “How do I register with the state and local governments? And, about how much does it cost?”

    I have read through the IRS website and I am not exactly sure what I have to do, who to register with, and how to go about doing so.

  • Rivo

    re: Barry Feb 24, 2011-Where can I find work for the courrier company I am planning to start.

    I too am researching the feasibility to start up a courier company, focusing on Law / notary offices. specialising in legal document delivery.

    I have the marketing to build my clientel list all down pat and don’t mind to share with you as long as you are not in my city. It is a very simple procedure. Feel free to email me, make sure you tell me what city you are in as well.

    I do have a question to you all, are any of you familiar with the data base software that will keep track of invoices, Who made the delivery, etc…..

    I saw this at a cartage company that receives express air freight and then clears customs and then drives it right to the business or residence of the consignee.


  • Marshall

    How do I know if I need to be bonded? How do I become bonded?

  • Jeremy

    I’ve been thinking of developing a delivery services, primarily for certain restaurants that don’t offer delivery services. I actually got the idea from when I lived in Hawaii. There was a delivery service that did the same thing, and they were pretty successful. Since I would be the only service in my entire city that provided such a service(50,000+ population), I think that there’s a good chance that I could become just as successful with this delivery service. My question is, do I have to have some sort of partnership with a certain company to delivery their products. I don’t see why I would need to, but I’m not experienced in this field, so I have no clue. And, if so, how would I go about doing that. Any tips anyone can give me would be very helpful.

  • Sharon,
    what state are you located in? I have a guy who sells insurance in a couple states not too sure which ones, however I would be more then happy to pass information along and see if I can get you help. If you would like, if you are still looking

    Further more…
    I know I shouldn’t but I just cannot help myself….

    Sorry if it violates posting rules.. I do courier work now as I am working on starting a small design firm.
    So, If you need signs, brochures, business cards, a website at really affordable rates then feel free to email me.

  • Sharon Crosby

    My group is trying to get our courier service off the ground. We are having a problem with the insurance, The agents do not seem to fully understand what we need. Your site seems very knowledgeable. Any information that you can offer would be greatly appreciated.

    • Bob Lavendusky

      Hi Sharon,

      I am not an expert on insurance but I am pretty sure that liability insurance is not the same as insurance to cover cargo. Any questions of this nature we automatically suggest talking to an Insurance professional. This is such a complex topic and there are so many different types of courier services out there that for insurance purposes you would really have to nail down exactly what it is that you would be transporting. If you are talking about a general business liability policy those are pretty straight forward and relatively inexpensive. I would recommend talking to an insurance broker that specializes in commercial policies. Brokers deal with many different insurance companies rather than just one. I would not go to a stand alone insurance company ie Allstate, State Farm etc. basically companies that deal with normal residential type coverage, house, car, health life are not who you want to go to for commercial insurance.
      I use Willis formerly HRH/Charlton Manley.


      Bob Lavendusky