Saturday, September 8th, 2018

As a courier you can be absolutely sure of one massive tax deduction, and that is the mileage you put on the business’ vehicle(s). This, however, demands accurate record keeping and it will be up to you to ensure that you create a flawless system for tracking the number of miles used strictly in the […]

Continued from Inexpensive Marketing Methods for Startups, Part 1 Having already discussed the benefits of using a well-written press release to introduce a courier business to the area, we can now turn to a second approach to inexpensive marketing methods for startups, and that is through the creation of articles, blogs, and materials that will […]

A local delivery service is a startup business that you can easily build with only a car, a cell phone, a GPS system, and a strong work ethic. You will be responsible for picking up letters, packages, and other items from different businesses and organizations and delivering them to a local destination.

Just starting your courier service business? If so, you have probably already heard about the value of good marketing. This means a variety of things, however, and isn’t just about advertising. Marketing is also about the established reputation that the business will have and this means that you will have to work extra hard to […]

Continued from Hiring Help – Part 2 – Pros and Cons of Hiring Employees Ask anyone if they are a good driver and most will answer yes, but the real question is if they are a driver suitable for your courier service. There are many things you will need to know about someone before you […]