Wednesday, June 20th, 2018

Hiring – Part 3 – How to Find Good Drivers


Continued from Hiring Help – Part 2 – Pros and Cons of Hiring Employees

Ask anyone if they are a good driver and most will answer yes, but the real question is if they are a driver suitable for your courier service. There are many things you will need to know about someone before you can send them out on the road in your company car and with a load of valuable packages or documents.

Even if you require them to use their own vehicle, you will still want to be sure they are going to be a good representative for your service.

What should you look for at an interview?

The very essential personality trait that you will want to witness is that this person is concerned with their appearance. If someone is comfortable coming to an interview in scruffy clothes, mussed hair, or a generally unkempt appearance then you know that they will go to work in even worse condition.

This sets a terrible tone, and is a clue to the individual’s overall attitude. The next thing to consider is if the person arrived on time for the interview.

A courier service is all about precise timing, and someone who arrived ten minutes late is already establishing a bad trend. Next, you need to consider if this person is fit for the work.

Do they seem able to tote around the boxes or packages that your service frequently handles?

Lastly, you need to gauge the individual’s communication skills.

Did they make a lot of eye contact with you? Did they have a calm demeanor?

How did they respond to questions about customer complaints? Be sure that they satisfy you in this area before allowing them to interact with clients.

You must also get clearance to check their background. Make sure they don’t have a ton of traffic violations or legal problems to their credit as this is also an indicator that they might not be a good candidate for the work.

  • Christine Byrne

    Can you tell me how to do a background check?

  • Scott

    You’re summary of what to look for is spot on in my experience. Appearance is crucial to your success. And equally important is the attitude of the driver. A driver with a cheery and helpful demeanor is your best marketing tool hands down. Conversely, a rude driver is a fantastic way to decrease your sales quickly.

    Communication skills are key too, particularly for employee drivers. Many a precious minutes can be burned if your driver doesn’t understand basic instructions. That costs you in more than just a late delivery, but also costs you hours of extra wages and fuel while they drive in circles.

    Scott Kristiansen