Tuesday, September 17th, 2019

Inexpensive Marketing Methods for Startups, Part 1


Just starting your courier service business? If so, you have probably already heard about the value of good marketing.

This means a variety of things, however, and isn’t just about advertising. Marketing is also about the established reputation that the business will have and this means that you will have to work extra hard to begin your courier service with a great reputation.

How is that done?

Naturally, it means that you will have to give excellent and reliable services, but you are probably going to have to give a bit more than that. For example, you may want to develop an “angle” or “pitch” that attracts attention and makes a business owner or consumer remember you.

This can begin with the selection of an appropriate and easy to remember name, but will not usually end there.

Need an example?

Well, if you are in an inner city you could ensure a specific amount of time for each delivery. You might emphasize your “green” company policies.

You could even wear brilliant uniforms and use this as a promotional issue. Any angle or pitch that you select, however, will have to marketed to the public, and this is best done through a press release.

One of the least expensive ways to market anything is to get media attention. So, if you are going to specialize in something like a 15 Minute Guarantee, you could draft a press release discussing this program, how it is unique to the area, and how you will ensure the service is provided.

You can even offer to give a free demonstration of your speedy services, and then you can then send the press release to radio and TV stations in the area. You should also send it to newspapers and magazines too.

A single story will usually generate a lot of interest, and this always leads to business.