Thursday, February 8th, 2018

Owning your own business is a dream for many people today.  As unemployment rates rise and corporations start reducing pay and benefits and even outsourcing jobs, people are starting to wonder what it would be like to work only for themselves and to create their own jobs. Running a home based business offers many advantages, […]

Learning the many pitfalls of spending your life as an employee is easy these days.  Layoffs, outsourcing, and rampant paycuts have created a sense of fear and anxiety for a large portion of the modern workforce. With that said, however, there is also a sense of fear for people considering the notion of starting their […]

A courier service is going to manage a lot of information. The most relevant of all the information is going to be about clients. The best practice for filing paperwork on any client is to create an individual file for each customer in addition to any computer files about them too. This file should contain: […]

Most courier services rely heavily on a vehicle to keep their business operating. This is the reason that anyone in this line of work should know exactly how to maximize their business vehicle deductions. Obviously, the first and most significant deduction to be enjoyed by a courier is the mileage put on their vehicle during […]

If you are setting up your courier service you should not forget that you are actually running an HBB (home based business). This usually means that you can use an empty or spare room in your home as a business office, and if you set it up properly you could also enjoy a home office […]