Friday, September 13th, 2019

Advantages of Business Ownership


Learning the many pitfalls of spending your life as an employee is easy these days.  Layoffs, outsourcing, and rampant paycuts have created a sense of fear and anxiety for a large portion of the modern workforce.

With that said, however, there is also a sense of fear for people considering the notion of starting their own business.  Many people worry that it will be too hard or that there is no market out there for a new business.
The truth of the matter is that self-employment can be one of the best ways to earn a living while eliminating the constant threat of unemployment.

When you own your own business, there are many benefits available to you that you would never be able to experience as an employee.  You can create your own hours and client lists and you can work as long or as often as you like.

Better still, you can take advantage of many tax breaks and deductions.  You can deduct $.55 per mile for all business related travel and can even deduct phone and computer expenses related to your business.

If you have a home office, then your rent or mortgage payments and utilities can be partially deducted from your taxes as well.

These are not the only benefits to owning your own business, however.  With your own business, you can easily build your own client list and establish yourself as a leader in your field.

Social networking and even personal meetings can allow you to create a relationship with potential clients who can not only use your services, but recommend you to others.  You can create your own fee scales and work to ensure that your business works like you would want it to.

If you are still uncertain about the notion of starting a business, consider this last bit of information.  With a great startup kit, you can create a business with almost no expense.  A great business will use tools you already have, such as your car, phone, and computer.

With no need to invest a large amount of capital to get your business off the ground, it becomes quite clear just how advantageous starting your own business really can be.