Wednesday, June 20th, 2018

How to Maintain Quality Customer Relations


Where relationships with customers are concerned the primary issue is communication. As a courier your range of communication is going to be comprehensive and you will interact with your client as well as THEIR client (the recipient of the package) and it is vitally important that relations between all of the parties remain professional, clear, and controlled.

Where your client is concerned it is essential to give them full details of the service from beginning to end. This means generating some form of receipt for the time of pickup, letting them know immediately if the package will not be delivered by the time promised, and then following up with an email or courtesy call when a package does reach its destination.

Naturally you will not communicate directly with them for every service, but when there are any glitches or delays, it is best to over deliver in the customer service department.

When you are interacting with the recipient of a package it is just as important to communicate clearly with them as well. For one thing you may find that you have to clarify your position as a courier and not a representative of your client’s firm.

This might mean providing recipients with the full contact information of your client in order to get some answers, and all of these communications must be done professionally and in a pleasant manner.

Should the need arise to notify recipients that they have a parcel, such as the times when no one is available to sign for the delivery, it is a good idea to design an informative and easy system. You might have a print shop generate oversized “sticky” pads that feature fill-in forms that give the recipient clear instructions for obtaining their delivery.

At such times you should also initiate a message to your client that the package could not be delivered as well. Many courier services demand email addresses for senders and recipients in order to generate electronic messages of such incidents too.

Keeping communication respectful, timely, and clear is an essential part of the courier service.