Friday, September 13th, 2019

How to Market Yourself through Facebook


Anyone who has ever used the social networking site known as Facebook may not have recognized the potential that such a site offers to business professionals too. While you could develop your profile at the site to focus on your courier services, you will simultaneously be able to add friends, join groups, and post content that will lead people to your services or even your website.

For example, just the profile portion of your page will allow you to indicate your interests, and this can easily connect you to others with the same interests. While such connections might not bring you income, they can serve as a platform for networking with others who will generate leads and business.

If the profile doesn’t lead to more business, then friends and groups usually will. For instance, if you use articles and blogs to improve your rank in search engines, you can always invite friends and group members to read these pieces.

This can drive traffic to your site and generate all kinds of work. Groups will also allow you to find others in the same or related fields in your area, and this is a wonderful way to find or offer subcontracting services.

A profile can also have an RSS feeder attached to it. This will allow all friends to keep up to date on your blog posts. How would this help your business?

Let’s say that you are offering some delivery specials throughout the holiday season; it is perfectly acceptable to post this using Facebook. You can also do some referral work in this way too by adding a partner site’s blog to your RSS feed options as well.

Comments are a final way to build networks and generate traffic and business. Simply putting a comment on a blog post or friend’s profile is going to indicate that you actively use the site and what sort of business you conduct.