Friday, September 13th, 2019

How to Start a Courier Service Part Time


Starting a courier service is certainly a great business opportunity, but what happens if you are unable to simply leave your present job and commit to a new full time home based business?  Starting a service full time can still be easy, but it will certainly take a different approach.

What follows is some in-depth information about creating your own part time courier business.

First, understand that creating a part time business is not a bad idea.  Starting a business of any type is considered a risk at first.

Most businesses don’t start earning a livable wage on the first day, and when you have bills to pay and a family to care for, giving up your primary source of income isn’t usually the best idea.  If you don’t have six months to one year’s worth of expenses in savings, it might be better to start your business on a part time basis.

So how do you do this?  Well, to put it simply, you find your niche.

Determine what hours you are looking to provide services and make this part of your sales pitch.  Do you want to work in the evenings or at night when standard courier services have closed?

Applying to medical labs, nursing homes, and other businesses that need services and deliveries around the clock can be a great way to generate clients that can work within your available schedule.  Find a market that isn’t already saturated with services or simply create a pitch that makes your company unique.

The biggest thing to do when creating a part time business is to let your clients know this ahead of time.  Make it part of your appeal.  By creating a pitch that makes use of your availability, it becomes a strength rather than a weakness.

You can certainly make great money as a part time courier, you simply have to learn how to market yourself as such.

  • inderjit

    i want to know that how to get loads(delivery orders)…i understand that we can start courier service..with potential,vehicle,little capital,etc,but wherte to get clients,customers ??