Wednesday, June 20th, 2018

When Will You Need a US DOT Number?


One thing that you will want to pay special attention to when starting your courier or delivery service is United States Department of Transportation regulations.  Certain situations require you to get an individual Department of Transportation (DOT) number.

Knowing whether or not these rules apply to you is important, and you are advised to check with the Department of Transportation to learn about specific rules regarding US DOT numbers in your state.

There are some circumstances that always require that company owners obtain a DOT number.  For starters, any company operating commercial vehicles that carry passengers or cargo across state lines will need to have a US DOT number as well as be registered with the FMSCA.

New applicants will automatically be enrolled into FMSCA and will have to maintain acceptable safety performance in order to receive permanent registration.  Vehicles that carry hazardous materials within their own state or across state lines will also find that they are required to maintain a US DOT number.

In addition to these specific circumstances, many states also require intrastate commercial vehicles to maintain a US DOT number.  These numbers allow the government to identify a company’s safety records for purposes of crash investigations, audits, and inspections.

To find out whether your state requires you to maintain a US DOT number in order to operate a courier vehicle, contact your state Department of Transportation.

The United States Department of Transportation offers easy registration for people who need a DOT number.  You will find that you can easily register for your number online.  The government website also offers a great deal of information and resources to help you understand just why these numbers are so important.

If your state requires that you obtain a US DOT number to operate your vehicle, you will find that it can be very easy to do.

  • Eli Johnson

    My question is, if I’m carrying auto parts do I need a us dot no?
    Secondly, if I don’t plant to leave the state, can I register the vehicle as a personal n not a business and lastly, can I get regular Insurence on this vehicle?

  • Ty Sanders

    With the cost of fuel on the rise, I still have trouble negotiating fuel surcharges into my service contracts with my customers. Does anyone have any feedback on this issue?

    • Ty,

      What is the problem that you are having? Your customers are refusing to pay it? You’re not sure how to ask for it? You’re not sure what to charge?