Friday, October 22nd, 2021

Why Should I Start A Courier Service?


When looking at the notion of starting a courier service, it is rather common to ask yourself just why this could be a good idea.  In truth, however, the easier question is to ask why you wouldn’t want to start one.

The courier business is an excellent way to make money in today’s economy and there are many benefits to be gained.  As the economy gets tougher, more and more employees are finding themselves out of work.

This shrinking workforce, combined with rising gas prices and higher demands on time makes it harder for businesses to perform pickups and deliveries using their own employees.

As a courier, your job would be simple.  You pick up and deliver local packages and documents from businesses throughout the area.

You can easily work for dozens or even hundreds of companies, ensuring that there is always work to be done.  All that you need is a reliable car, a GPS system to help you get to every destination quickly, a cell phone and computer for contacting businesses and creating invoices, and the drive to ensure that you are able to do the job quickly.

When you start your own courier service, you will also gain the benefits that come with self employment.  This means that you can deduct gas costs, phone and computer expenses, and most car related expenses from your taxes.

If you manage a home office, you will even be able to deduct a portion of your rent or mortgage and utilities.  Deducting mileage at the current IRS rate of .55 cents a mile means that you pay taxes on a much smaller portion of your earnings as well, ensuring that you can save thousands and greatly increase your revenue.

In short, a courier service is an excellent business with a very low startup cost.  Most of the required things to start your own service are things that you already have.

With a great business startup kit, you can get your business up and running for a tiny investment and can be well on your way to success.  The courier business is more lucrative than ever and offers you a great way to be your own boss while making excellent pay.

  • Patrick Kallie

    Santiago make sure that you calculate the total price of buying dry ice daily to keep the freight cool. It may be better to install a unit on your van.

    Make sure that it’s a “need” that is not being fulfilled! This way you know that you have plenty of room to grow.

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  • Santiago

    I live in a great location for a courier service….I think. My area has a few, big named food services. And we have a very big hospital system . I’m really thinking about doing cold freight in a cargo van and pull a trailor if needed to have dry space. Should I go with dry ice to keep over head low or should I spend the money to install a unit on the van , to start strong and show we care on temps. Or should I attemp to get in with the hospital if at all possible. Thank you