Saturday, June 23rd, 2018

Our Upcoming Release


Over the last 20 months, we’ve had the pleasure of serving hundreds of aspiring new business owners all over the country and even from other countries like Canada, Thailand, and South Africa. We’ve been inspired by all the ambition, creativity, and determination that we’ve seen. And it was our new international friends who helped inspire us to take to the next level.

You see, shipping things to places like Ghana, Africa, can take a LONG time. And sometimes, when you’re really ready to start a business, even waiting a few days can feel like a long time. Wouldn’t it be neat if there was a way that we could provide instant access to someone anywhere in the world? You may be able to guess where these thoughts took us…

At 12:00 p.m. CST on June 8, we’ll be opening the doors to a whole new way to experience our Complete Courier Business Startup Kit through a fully digital interface. You’ll be able to view all of the material online and interact with others just like you who have upgraded to access the Complete Courier Business Startup Kit online. Additionally, in honor of the milestone, we’re going to be rolling out some never-before-seen bonuses for our new members.

Now, because this is a new system, we have to limit the number of new members who can access the materials so that we can monitor the sytem and make sure that we don’t have any technical problems. We’re still ironing out exactly how many members we are going to take in the beginning, but we want to ensure they have the best possible experience.

Which brings me to the favor I mentioned. We want to make sure that we have covered all the bases with our content and bonuses, but we need your help to know. If you could help us by answering a few questions on a VERY short survey, it would make a world of difference. Thank you in advance to those of you who do!

Click Here to Take the Survey

In the next few days we’ll be filling you in on more of the details, so stay tuned.

  • Sithembile

    Hi.Sam I’ve just bought a corsa and I’m ready to start anytime to courie. So I would like to know if there’s any courier businesses that need a van

  • Hosheyah Yisrael

    Hello Sam how are you,You know when i first ordered your kit i was driving for a over the road and now im completely tired of it and im ready to start this thing for sure ASAP. So i wanted to know if there was anything new thats been added.

    • Hosheyah,

      You should have everything you need. I will email you with further details.

      Best regards,

  • Melissa Kephart

    I realize all this is a new venture for you all. When will the forum be up and running? I can log in but cannot read any posts. Looking forward to receiving my hard copy. Thanks.

    Ex FedEx Custom Critical White Glove TVAL Constractor. Now work with LTL Truckload Freight.
    Have Cargo Van ready to go, fully paid for.

    • Melissa,

      Thank you for letting me know about the forum bug related to Google Chrome — I experienced the same issue. I will look into it to see if there is a fix.

      In the meantime, you should be able to view the forum (and actually see text!) with Firefox or Internet Explorer.