Tuesday, September 17th, 2019

How to Close a Sales Meeting For a Courier Business


No matter how well an entrepreneur is prepared to pitch his courier business, closing the sale can still be a tricky and nerve-wracking process.

Even when the potential client understands the pitch and sees the advantages of using the courier service, they may still be resistant to actually taking the leap and signing up.

That’s when closing techniques come in handy. If the entrepreneur isn’t careful, he will lose easy sales because he simply doesn’t close a hot prospect.

But with the right techniques and a little practice, closing the sale becomes a simple, straightforward, and very profitable process.

Prepare for the close

Before closing the sale, the courier service salesman should make sure that he’s covered all the steps of his pitch.

His audience should know exactly what his courier service does, how it differs from competing courier services, and how switching to his courier service will benefit their business.

If the potential client doesn’t yet have all these answers, it’s too early to start the close.

A-B-C (Always be closing)

Closing is really a process. Throughout the meeting, the salesman should be asking for the potential client’s agreement.

“So you see how my courier service will save you money?” “And don’t you agree our service sounds more reliable than our competitors?”

Questions like these warm up the potential client, and get them ready to say “yes” to the courier service’s main sales pitch.

Ask non-binding closing questions

Before asking for a final yes or no, get the client to discuss more generally the terms of the sales.

For instance, ask them what price they’d be willing to pay if they switched to a new courier service.

Or ask them how quickly they would need packages delivered, if they began using a courier for deliveries.

These questions establish the terms of the sale, and help the salesman formulate his final sales pitch.

Not only do they warm the client up to saying “yes,” but when the salesman makes his final sales pitch, he can do so with numbers and terms that the client has already approved.

At that point, closing the sale will be simply a matter of getting the client to agree to terms they’ve approved earlier in the sales meeting.

Pop the question

Don’t beat around the bush. Ask the potential client directly if they are ready to start using the courier service.

If a contract is necessary to begin the business relationship, get them to sign the contract then and there.

Don’t put it off till another meeting. If there’s no contract, just an agreement that they will call the courier service the next time they need a delivery, get them to say that.

Once they have given their word to use the service, they’ll be very likely to do so. But they only agree to use the new courier service when asked — so make sure to pop the question!

  • Ramon

    Quite enlightening! Who drafts the contract to close the deal: the courier service or the client??

  • Harold Carrington

    This is great information and thought provoking indeed. It gives you an idea of what you are up against. So far I’m glad I made the purchase. Having been a customer during my professional life, I often thought of improving services to our clients. The right courier business could make a huge difference.

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    Have had some courier experience driving and dispatching Is there anyone of your courier clients I can speak to in the NY NJ metro area to get some insight of how long it takes to become profitable and some insight into getting started


  • Jim

    You have less than 30 seconds,to entertain your thoughts to a business owner and it better be great and outstanding.They have a list of people and other projects to do,than to listen to another vendors B.S. so it better be the best speech you ever give in that 30 seconds.So practice it know what your selling when you bring it to the table your business and Family are riding on it.Trust me if your the right courier with best attitude and rates the contract is yours.