Monday, September 16th, 2019

How to Create a Sales Pitch for Your New Courier Business


In the courier service business, selling customers is an essential step toward success.

Courier services are not new, and many businesses and individuals will already have identified one that more or less fits their needs.

The great news is that most of the companies that will benefit from using a delivery service may not even realize that it is an option!

Earning these customers’ business will simply be a matter of explaining to them why they should use a courier service.

Delivery companies and couriers create value for the clients by saving them time and money. The more time and money a delivery company can save a client, the more they are able to charge.

However, customers are given to inertia: unless they are shown a very good reason to change the way they do things, they probably won’t change. That’s why it’s important to develop a concise and compelling sales pitch that can change customers’ minds.

In other words, it will require telling them why your new courier service is going to save them time and money, and why they should go through the hassle of adjusting their daily routine.

The first step of writing a good sales pitch is to outline what your services are, who they are for, and why it’s a better fit than the alternatives.

Think of these as the three W’s: What is this new company? Who is it targeting? And why should the target audience care about its services?

Answering the three W’s will focus a sales pitch on what matters most: What the courier service does well, and how its services can benefit businesses and individuals that use it.

Too often business people making sales pitches get bogged down in details that aren’t relevant to their clients.

There will be many logistical questions to agonize over while setting up a new courier service, but many of them simply won’t be relevant to the clients.

They want to be told, in as direct and simple a manner as possible, why they will benefit from this new service. Focus the sales pitch on that point, and it will succeed.

Once the owner of a new courier service has answered the three W’s, he or she should step back and reconsider the answers.

Just because all the questions are answered doesn’t mean the pitch is ready.

It’s important to re-think and re-write the sales pitch several times to distill it down to its essence.

In general, each time the sales pitch is written, it will get a little bit shorter and a little bit more focused.

Shorter and more direct sales pitches will be more effective, so rewriting is worth the extra effort.

Finally, the sales pitch should be tweaked to fit the different audiences that might hear it.

If it’s being delivered to client who has an unlimited budget and needs deliveries as fast as possible, the emphasis of the pitch should be on the courier service’s speed.

A smaller client that simply needs reliable deliveries done cheap won’t want to hear about speed.

They’ll be curious about pricing and guarantees.

Consider the clients, and be ready to deliver several different versions of the sales pitch.