Wednesday, September 15th, 2021

How to Market Your Courier Service Through Online Directories


One of the easiest ways for customers to find out about courier businesses in their area is to visit Google, Yahoo, or Bing, and type in “courier services in City X.”

However, when they do that, not all the results that come up will link to courier business websites.

Some will go instead to business directories, like Yelp and Google Places.

These directories provide customers with enormous amounts of information about local businesses, and they’re widely trusted.

Courier services that use them properly can generate lots of new business without ever spending a dime.

To begin using these online directories to promote a courier business, it’s first necessary to identify which ones list businesses in your area.

Some directories, like Yelp and Yellow Pages, operate nationwide. Others are specific to one state or city. A quick Google search will turn up the biggest and most widely read directories in your area.

Once these are found, courier operators should see which ones list their business.

Any that don’t are major liabilities, because all customers going to those websites to find “courier services” will be sent to other couriers!

To correct this problem, email the website to notify them of the oversight, and include in the email all the information about your courier service: address, phone number, rates, and so forth.

Some web directories even included automated forms that allow business owners to submit their business name and information immediately.

Even if the directories already include information on your courier service, it won’t necessarily be complete.

Many of these directories are automatically filled out with very basic information about all businesses in an area, but rely on business owners and customers to supply more specific information.

Either email the directories the full information about your courier service, or use their automated system to flesh out the information on your business. And be sure that all such directory pages link directly to your web site.

Double-check the information that’s already on the website. If a courier service’s phone number is listed wrong, or if the service is misclassified as another type of business, that could be costing it lots of customers.

Lastly, if the directory accepts customer reviews, make sure there are at least a few submitted.

If your courier service doesn’t have any reviews, ask regular customers to add one. It only takes a minute, but having lots of positive reviews makes a business look more established and more worthy of its customers’ trust. (And in the courier business, having the trust of customers is of the utmost importance.)

Whatever you do, don’t submit fake reviews. Many directories have software to detect fake reviews, and they’ll punish businesses that submit them by delisting them, or listing them less prominently.

Results will be far better if you simply ask customers to submit a brief review — and perhaps give them a discount on their next delivery in return.

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