Sunday, September 19th, 2021

How to Pitch Your Delivery Business To A Client


Once the entrepreneur starting a new courier service has written a business plan and created a brief elevator pitch for his or her business, it will be time to start meeting with potential clients and trying to convince them to use the service.

This requires preparation and practice, because the better the sales pitch, the more clients that will come to the new service.

Following the steps outlined below can help any courier service entrepreneur hone their sales pitch to perfection.

To begin, have materials to distribute to everyone in the sales meeting.

This should include a brief fact sheet on the business, contact information for the entrepreneur’s team, and a detailed business plan that can answer any particular questions the potential client may have.

It may also help to have a frequently asked questions sheet prepared, in case certain questions come up over and over.

Many business people will listen to the pitch, but only make their decision about the courier service afterward.

Leaving them with some compelling material to read and consider can make the difference between a yes and a no.

Explain why the client will save money. All businesses are about turning a profit, and the partnerships they form are always geared toward increasing that profit.

If the new courier service will save its clients money simply by performing deliveries for less, then say that.

But there are other ways to help increase their profits. Faster deliveries might keep increase the satisfaction of their customers, and hence bring in more orders for them.

Or the courier service might specialize in secure deliveries that cut down on costly damage in transit.

In some way, the new courier service must benefit its clients’ bottom lines, and that should be the centerpiece of the in-person sales pitch.

Solicit questions. It’s impossible to know exactly what the client will think about the presentation.

If they have any doubts about the courier service, the entrepreneur wants to get those concerns on the table and address them during the meeting, rather than leaving the client to wonder.

Encourage questions and know the sales pitch inside and out so that those questions can be answered quickly and convincingly.

Assume the sale. Go into the meeting with the presumption that the potential client will say “yes,” and then become an actual client.

An enormous part of being convincing to others is appearing convinced of one’s self. When the entrepreneur acts confident and assured during in-person pitches, the audience will notice it and they’ll react more favorably.

With this preparation, the entrepreneur behind the new courier service will impress the people they pitch, and they’ll soon be looking at a very full roster of clients.

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    i would like to know how to get some contract from customors and clients. ireally would like to get at least 3 to run in the dallas/ fortworth area