Monday, June 4th, 2018

One thing that you will want to pay special attention to when starting your courier or delivery service is United States Department of Transportation regulations.  Certain situations require you to get an individual Department of Transportation (DOT) number. Knowing whether or not these rules apply to you is important, and you are advised to check […]

Whenever you are starting a courier or delivery service, you will find that there is really minimal work to do.  One thing that you will need to take care of, however, is ensuring that you have applied for and received any necessary permits before conducting business. Working as a delivery person can require different permits […]

Starting a courier service is certainly a great business opportunity, but what happens if you are unable to simply leave your present job and commit to a new full time home based business?  Starting a service full time can still be easy, but it will certainly take a different approach. What follows is some in-depth […]

When you first start your courier business, you may find that there are many companies providing these services in your city.  This should certainly not be considered a cause for alarm, however, as a number of successful courier services indicates a high need for these businesses and a strong potential client base. One of the […]

If you are considering the idea of creating a courier service, you are likely asking yourself whether your town truly needs the service.  There may not be a large number of businesses that come to mind when you consider a small town, or you may find that your city already has a number of courier […]

Websites, “pay per click ads”, SEO articles, printed advertisements, press releases, and many other things go into the development of a comprehensive marketing plan. If you are in any kind of business that relies on the retention of existing, and the addition of new, customers then you probably need to develop a thorough marketing plan […]

One thing that any business must do in order to achieve success is to fulfill a specific need.  When there are multiple courier services in your town or city, establishing a niche can certainly help you stand out in a crowd. What you will ideally want to do is find a niche market that isn’t […]

Owning your own business is a dream for many people today.  As unemployment rates rise and corporations start reducing pay and benefits and even outsourcing jobs, people are starting to wonder what it would be like to work only for themselves and to create their own jobs. Running a home based business offers many advantages, […]

Learning the many pitfalls of spending your life as an employee is easy these days.  Layoffs, outsourcing, and rampant paycuts have created a sense of fear and anxiety for a large portion of the modern workforce. With that said, however, there is also a sense of fear for people considering the notion of starting their […]

Most courier services rely heavily on a vehicle to keep their business operating. This is the reason that anyone in this line of work should know exactly how to maximize their business vehicle deductions. Obviously, the first and most significant deduction to be enjoyed by a courier is the mileage put on their vehicle during […]