Tuesday, September 17th, 2019

In a down economy, courier services, like other business, are always looking to save costs on advertising, while at the same time taking steps to drum up new business. Expanding a courier business while keeping advertising costs low may seem like an impossible goal, but in fact there are numerous free or very cheap avenues […]

Happy New Year! We’re going to kick off 2013 with a whole series of articles related to inexpensive and effective ways you can market a new courier service. There are literally dozens of free or inexpensive ways that you can market a courier service. Here’s the first installment, with three free (or almost free) methods […]

Before beginning a new courier or delivery service, it’s important to do basic market research to ensure that there is demand in a given area for couriers, and to see what sort of services potential customers need from couriers. It’s likely that other courier services are already operating in the area, so there should be […]

Peter Drucker, a renowned business theorist, loved a certain quotation from Czech writer Milan Kundera: “Business has only two functions – marketing and innovation.” Innovation means creating something new, either a new product or service. Sometimes, that “new” product or service simply improves a product or service that already exists (example: a new courier service […]

Unless you are brand new here (and a big “Welcome!” to you if you are) you know that tomorrow is the day when we are opening registration for our Complete Courier Business Startup Kit membership area. If you want to get up to speed, look at this post and this post. We have finalized a […]

With just a couple of days before we open registration to our Complete Courier Business Startup Kit membership access, I wanted to fill everyone in on a couple more details about the upcoming release, which we mentioned here. Many of you have expressed concern about being able to get in to this round of the […]

Over the last 20 months, we’ve had the pleasure of serving hundreds of aspiring new business owners all over the country and even from other countries like Canada, Thailand, and South Africa. We’ve been inspired by all the ambition, creativity, and determination that we’ve seen. And it was our new international friends who helped inspire […]

Earlier this month, we were contacted by Stuart Warner, who runs www.Successful-Home-Based-Business.com/, who asked whether we would be interested in doing an interview for him. We wanted to know whether any of you had any thoughts or feelings to share about starting up. Post them in the comments below! Sam’s Interview with Stuart Warner: How […]

When looking at the notion of starting a courier service, it is rather common to ask yourself just why this could be a good idea.  In truth, however, the easier question is to ask why you wouldn’t want to start one. The courier business is an excellent way to make money in today’s economy and […]

When you take the time to look at the economy today, you may find yourself wondering if it could possibly be a good idea to start your own business.  With many corporations laying off workers just to stay afloat, can creating your own business possibly be a good financial move? If you have the drive […]