Friday, June 28th, 2019

In a down economy, courier services, like other business, are always looking to save costs on advertising, while at the same time taking steps to drum up new business. Expanding a courier business while keeping advertising costs low may seem like an impossible goal, but in fact there are numerous free or very cheap avenues […]

It isn’t always easy to determine pricing for courier services. Remaining competitive can often force the service provider to keep costs below the proverbial “break even” point. This especially the case with a “startup” business, but things change significantly once the service has become well-established and built a client base. It is at this point […]

Whenever you are starting a courier or delivery service, you will find that there is really minimal work to do.  One thing that you will need to take care of, however, is ensuring that you have applied for and received any necessary permits before conducting business. Working as a delivery person can require different permits […]

One term that you will hear a lot when first starting your business is bootstrapping.  This term simply means limiting your costs to the bare minimum in order to help increase initial profits while reducing startup expenses. Bootstrapping is important for a number of reasons, and the next few paragraphs will help you understand why […]

At any stage of development in your courier service you will need to remain constantly aware of your competition. Not only because they could be offering better prices and winning away possible customers, but because they could be a source of income that you are leaving entirely untapped. How can the competition bring income to […]

Starting a courier service is certainly a great business opportunity, but what happens if you are unable to simply leave your present job and commit to a new full time home based business?  Starting a service full time can still be easy, but it will certainly take a different approach. What follows is some in-depth […]

When you first start your courier business, you may find that there are many companies providing these services in your city.  This should certainly not be considered a cause for alarm, however, as a number of successful courier services indicates a high need for these businesses and a strong potential client base. One of the […]

Anyone who has ever used the social networking site known as Facebook may not have recognized the potential that such a site offers to business professionals too. While you could develop your profile at the site to focus on your courier services, you will simultaneously be able to add friends, join groups, and post content […]

Where relationships with customers are concerned the primary issue is communication. As a courier your range of communication is going to be comprehensive and you will interact with your client as well as THEIR client (the recipient of the package) and it is vitally important that relations between all of the parties remain professional, clear, […]

A courier service is going to manage a lot of information. The most relevant of all the information is going to be about clients. The best practice for filing paperwork on any client is to create an individual file for each customer in addition to any computer files about them too. This file should contain: […]