Friday, September 13th, 2019

Most courier services rely heavily on a vehicle to keep their business operating. This is the reason that anyone in this line of work should know exactly how to maximize their business vehicle deductions. Obviously, the first and most significant deduction to be enjoyed by a courier is the mileage put on their vehicle during […]

If you are setting up your courier service you should not forget that you are actually running an HBB (home based business). This usually means that you can use an empty or spare room in your home as a business office, and if you set it up properly you could also enjoy a home office […]

As a courier you can be absolutely sure of one massive tax deduction, and that is the mileage you put on the business’ vehicle(s). This, however, demands accurate record keeping and it will be up to you to ensure that you create a flawless system for tracking the number of miles used strictly in the […]

Continued from Hiring Help – Part 2 – Pros and Cons of Hiring Employees Ask anyone if they are a good driver and most will answer yes, but the real question is if they are a driver suitable for your courier service. There are many things you will need to know about someone before you […]

Continued from Hiring Help – Part 1 – Pros and Cons of Hiring Subcontractors If your courier service has grown substantially, and you are finding it difficult to keep up with the needs of customers it might be the right time to consider hiring an employee. Of course this person might be hired to assist […]

A courier service is, essentially, a one-person operation. This is only until it begins to acquire more and more clientele, however, and then there could be the need to hire additional staff or to subcontract some of the work. Which is the best solution? That generally depends upon the individual business and the type of […]

Unfortunately, one of the major “downsides” to self-employment is the lack of a standard “benefits” package from a traditional employer. This means that a retirement fund and a health care plan are unavailable or not part of the income earned through daily work.

To live consciously, we must know what we want, set goals to achieve those desires, create a plan to get there, and identify deadlines for our achievements. Goal setting is a powerful tool to help us hone in on our true desires and keep our mind focused on what we want.

What is pay-per-click advertising and how can it help me? There are a few ways that pay-per-click advertising appears, and any modern computer user would recognize them right away. The most common is as the advertisement that appears along the side of a website. These boxes are not affiliated with the actual site, but usually […]

When it comes to delivery vehicles: start with what you got, and when it’s time to replace it follow my advice to get just the vehicle you need. No more and no less.